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Optimizing Secondary Cooling in Continuous Casting, Technical Brief 200 • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for the Pulp and Paper Industry, Bulletin 356C • View

Understanding Drop Size, Bulletin 459C • View

FloMax® Air Atomizing Nozzles, Bulletin 487F • View

Quick Connect Nozzle Systems, Bulletin 513D • View

Spray Analysis and Research Services, Bulletin 520C • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Food Processing, Bulletin 524E • View

Beverage Can Coating Nozzle, Bulletin 559 • View

Can Wash Riser, Bulletin 560 • View

Automatic Brush Shower, Bulletin 561B • View

Modular Air Atomizing Manifold, Bulletin 562C • View

UltraStream® Nozzles, Bulletin 563B • View

A Guide to Optimizing Spray Injector Performance, Bulletin 579C • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Processing. Bulletin 599C • View

SnowJet, Bulletin 601A • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for the Bakery Industry, Bulletin 602E • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for the Beverage Industry, Bulletin 604 • View

Optimizing Spray Injector Performance in Petroleum Refining, Bulletin 617A • View

Fire Protection Spray Products and Application Support Services, Bulletin 618A • View

Optimizing Spray Performance with Computational Fluid Dynamics, Bulletin 621A • View

AutoJet® Model 1550+ Modular Spray Systems, Bulletin 626G • View

AutoJet® Gas Cooling System, Bulletin 627A • View

Optimizing Descaling Operations, Bulletin 628B • View

PanelSpray® System, Bulletin 632E • View

A Guide to Optimizing In-Tank Agitation and Mixing Using Eductors, Bulletin 635B • View

A Guide to Parts and Equipment Washing, Rinsing and Drying Using Spray Technology, Bulletin 636 • View

Tungsten Carbide Tips for High-Pressure Spraying, Bulletin 644A • View

Tungsten Carbide Tips for High-Pressure Spraying, Metric, Bulletin 644A-M • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Dust Control, B652A • View

Ultrasonic Spray Systems, Bulletin 660B • View

AccuJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler System, Bulletin 661D • View

Optimizing Spray Performance with Process Modeling, Bulletin 667 • View

54200 VMAU Lab Coater, Bulletin 672 • View

VacuRoll Cleaning and Drying System, Bulletin 673B • View

Oxide Dust Control System, Bulletin 675A • View

SV SprayDry® Nozzle Maintenance and Assembly Guide, Bulletin B680C • View

Mini-Spinner Vessel Cleaning Nozzles, Bulletin 682B • View

54500 Modular Heated Air Atomizing Manifold, Bulletin 683 • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Tablet Coating, Bulletin 684A • View

AutoJet® Lubrication Systems, Bulletin 685A • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Fluid Bed Applications, Bulletin 686B • View

P-Series Anti-Bearding Spray Set-ups, Bulletin 687B • View

TankJet Products, Quick Reference Guide, Bulletin 688F • View

SprayDry® Nozzles, Bulletin 695B • View

SprayDry® Nozzles Performance Data • View

Sulfur Guns, Bulletin 696A • View

Water Spray Optimization and Maintenance Guide, Bulletin 697 • View

Maximum Free Passage FullJet® Nozzles, Bulletin 703C • View

PulsaJet® Mini Spray System, Bulletin 705A • View

AccuOil™ System, Bulletin 708A • View

Uniform Distribution FullJet® Nozzles, Bulletin 709A • View

AccuJet® Electrostatic Conveyor System, Bulletin 710B • View

AutoJet® Precision Spray Control Systems for Food Contact, Bulletin 711 • View

AutoJet® Precision Spray Control Systems for Industrial Operations, Bulletin 712C • View

AutoJet® 60030 AC Oscillator Shower Assembly, Bulletin 719 • View

FloMax®-S Nozzles, Bulletin 721C • View

OptiMax Injector, Bulletin 724A • View

AccuCoat Central Panning System, Bulletin 726 • View

AccuJet® Electrostatic Heated System, Bulletin 727 • View

Alignment Devices for Trimming Nozzles, B729 • View

AccuCoat® Spray Systems, B730 • View

A Guide to Food Safety & Sanitation Using Spray Technology, B731 • View

Optimized Spray Technology for Sulfuric Acid Production, Bulletin 760 • View

Case Studies and Capabilities Overview Bulletin 733 • View

AutoJet® 2008+ Precision Spray Control System with Zoning, Bulletin 734A • View

AutoJet® 1000+ Timing Controller, B735 • View

TankJet 78 Sanitary Tank Cleaners, Bulletin 736 • View

AutoJet® Liquid Delivery Module, Bulletin 739 • View

AutoJet® Zone Control Panels, Bulletin 740 • View

AutoJet® Food Safety Spray Systems for Cheese, B742 • View

FloMax®-S01 Steam Atomizing Retractable Injector, Bulletin 743A • View

AutoJet® Floor and Carpet Coating Spray System, B744 • View

Sustainability Initiatives and Results, B749 • View

VX-Series Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzles, Bulletin 750A • View

Robotic Spray Nozzle Technology, Bulletin 752 • View

Achieving Sustainability Success, Bulletin 753 • View

Achieve Better Returns on Your Sustainability Efforts, Bulletin 754 • View

HHX FullJet® Spray Nozzles, Bulletin 755 • View

SprayScan mPT Mobile Patternation System Bulletin 756 • View


Pharma and Biologics Catalog, Catalog 12B • View   Request

WindJet® Air Products, Catalog 20F • View   Request

Car Wash Products, Catalog 25C • View   Request

Car Wash Products, Metric Catalog 25C-M • View   Request

A Guide to Spray Technology for Steel Mills, Catalog 44B • View   Request

Pulp and Paper Mill Spray Technology, Catalog 66C • View   Request

AccuJet® Electrostatic Systems, Catalog 720B • View

GunJet Spray Guns, Catalog 75 • View   Request

Industrial Hydraulic Spray Products, Catalog 75 • View   Request

Industrial Hydraulic Spray Products, Catalog 75M • View   Request

TankJet® Tank Cleaning Products, Catalog 75TJ • View   Request

Automatic and Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles, Catalog 76 • View   Request

Automatic and Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles, Catalog 76M • View   Request

Case Studies

Automated Spray System Saves Aluminum Strip Producer US$240,000 Annually, Case Study 121A • View

Food Producer Lowers Customer Returns, Saves Energy with Automated Spray System, Case Study 122A • View

Automated Spray System Slashes Oil Use for Pizza Producer; Saves US$50,000 Annually, Case Study 123A • View

Spray Injectors Reduce Nox by 45%, Case Study 124A • View

Automated Antimicrobial Intervention Maintains Food Safety, Case Study 126A • View

New Automated Panning System Helps Candy Manufacturer Increase Production by 100%, Case Study 127A • View

Energy Use Slashed in Drying and Cooling Operations, Case Study 128A • View

Antimicrobial System Helps Extend Meat Shelf-Life, Case Study 129A • View

Chemical Processor Experiences Significant Savings with New Tote Cleaning System, Case Study 130A • View

Glass Coating System Reduces Scrap by 75%, Case Study 131A • View

Bakery Increases Production and Improves Quality, Case Study 132A • View

Can Manufacturer Doubles Chain Life with Electrostatic Lubrication System, Case Study 133A • View

Concrete Forms Manufacturer Reduces Release Agent Use, Case Study 134A • View

Pizza Manufacturer Reduces Oil Waste with Automated System, Case Study 135A • View

Fruit Packer Improves Packaging, Case Study 136A • View

Snack Maker Improves Quality, Reduces Oil Waste, Case Study 137A • View

Bakery Reduces Scrap Using Automated Spray System, Case Study 138A • View

Wine Bottle Manufacturer Slashes Compressed Air Use with Air Cannon System, Case Study 139A • View

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Reduces Oil Use by 50% with New Lube System, Case Study 140A • View

Bakery Extends Bread Shelf Life by Seven Days with Automated Spray System, Case Study 141A • View

Powder Manufacturer Saves More than $75,000 with New Automated Tank Cleaner, Case Study 142A • View

Bakery Improves Quality While Reducing Material Usage and Manpower for Cake Packaging Line, Case Study 143A • View

Ethylene Plant Doubles Production and Increases Profitability with New Gas Cooling Injectors, Case Study 144A • View

Automated Spray System Eliminates 80,000 Pounds of Rework Each Month for Aluminum Mfg, Case Study 145A • View

Cookie Mfg Saves US$80,000+ Annually by Reducing Labor with Automated Spray System, Case Study 146A • View

Cast Iron Pipe Mfg Eliminates Rework and Saves US$40,000 per Month with New Spray System, Case Study 147A • View

Bakery Reduces Oil Usage by 75% with Automated Spray System, Saves US$36,000 Annually, Case Study 148A • View

Bakery Saves More than US$70,000 Annually with New Spray System, Case Study 149A • View

Manufacturer of Steel Bars Saves More Than US$800,000 Using New Spray Cooling System, Case Study 150A • View

OSB Manufacturer Saves CAD$150,000 Annually with New Wax Spray Systems, Case Study 151A • View

Bakery Reduces Oil Usage by 30% with Automated Spray System, Saving US$24,000 Annually, Case Study 152A • View

Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer Saves More Than US$36,000 Annually Spraying Pigment with Automated, Case Study 153A • View

Pastry Manufacturer Saves CAD$90,000 Annually and Improves Product Quality with Heated Spray System, Case Study 154A • View

Plastic Cup Mfg Saves US$18,000 Annually with Automated Anti-Static Spray System, Case Study 155A • View

Equipment Manufacturer Improves Product Quality and Saves CAD$3500 Monthly with New System, Case Study 156A • View

Paper Manufacturer Reduces Paper Breaks by 75% with New Spray System, Case Study 157A • View

Pet Food Producer Reduces Use of Sterilizing Agent by 50% and Improves Product Safety, Case Study 158A • View

Mill Saves US$80,000 and Improves Operations with New Descaling Nozzles, Case Study 159A • View



Automotive Filter Mfg Cuts Rejects by 75% with Automated Spray System and Saves US$48,000 Annually, Case Study 161A • View

New Spray Header Improves Tablet Coating Operation and Saves Manufacturer US$25,000, Case Study 162A • View

Sulfuric Acid Mfg Increases Revenue by More Than US$40,000 per Year with New Spray Injectors, Case Study 163A • View

Waste Hauler Saves More Than US$60,000 Annually on Tank Cleaning Expenses, Case Study 164A • View

Automated Spray System Helps Cat Litter Producer Reduce Mfg Costs and Eliminate Customer Complaints, Case Study 165A • View

Coal Producer Improves Safety and Opens New Mining Areas with Advanced Water Spray Technology, Case Study 166A • View

Automated Spray System Helps Elastomer Manufacturer Reduce Release Agent Usage and Save US$50,000, Case Study 167A • View

Bakery Saves More than US$60,000 Annually with New Spray System, Case Study 168A • View

Refinery Improves Safety, Reduces Downtime with New Cooling Quills, Case Study 169A • View

New System Increases Number of Trucks Cleaned Daily and Reduces Downtime for Nozzle Repairs, Case Study 170A • View

Cereal Manufacturer Improves Worker Safety and Increases Production Time, Case Study 171A • View

Automated Spray System Helps Textile Manufacturer Improve Product Quality and Save Money, Case Study 172A • View

Automated Lube System Helps Truck Manufacturer Improve Product Quality and Reduce Oil Consumption, Case Study 173A • View

Bakery Saves More than US$25,000 Annually with New Release Agent Spray System, Case Study 174A • View

New Spray Coating System Helps Nut Manufacturer Increase Production, Reduce Ingredient Use and Lower Labor Costs, Case Study 175A • View

Wood Pellet Manufacturer Saves More than CAD$11,000 Annually Spraying Oil, Case Study 176A • View

Pet Food Manufacturer Saves US$8,000 per Month Using Longer-Lasting SprayDry® Nozzles, Case Study 178A • View

Pork Processor Saves US$14,000 Annually on Compressed Air and Labor with New Blower System, Case Study 179A • View

New Spray System Helps Beef Processor Improve Product Quality and Increase Revenue, Case Study 180A • View

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Reduces Cleaning Time by 80%; Equipment Cost Offset in Two Weeks, Case Study 181A • View

Bakery Reduces Scrap and Downtime with Automated Bread Scoring System, Case Study 182A • View

New Automated Spray System Helps Confectionary Manufacturer Solve Clogging Problem and Increase Production by 78%, Case Study 183 • View

British Automotive Forging Company Quadruples Productivity in Relation to Lubricant Consumption, Case Study 184 • View

Food Processor Saves More Than US$35,000 Annually with Automated Spray System, Case Study 185 • View

Can Manufacturer Increases Production, Improves Quality and Reduces Scrap, Case Study 186A • View

Beverage Manufacturer Saves Over US$200,000 Annually on Compressed Air with New Blower Systems, Case Study 187 • View

Soy Protein Concentrate Manufacturer Saves More Than US$312,000 in One Year with New Spray System, Case Study 188 • View

Automobile Parts Manufacturer Reduces Production Costs by 50% with New Lubrication System, Case Study 189 • View

Steel Mill Improves Quality and Reduces Oil Costs by 89%, Case Study 190 • View

Automated Lube System Saves Aluminum Manufacturer More Than US$45,000 Annually by Reducing Oil Consumption, Case Study 191 • View

Tire Manufacturer Saves More Than US$20,000 per Year with New Drying System, Case Study 192 • View

Equipment Manufacturer Keeps Workers and Environment Safe with Dust Control System, Case Study 193 • View

Tissue Manufacturer Saves US$40,000 and Improves Sustainability, Case Study 194 • View

Radiator Manufacturer Saves Over US$6,000 Annually with New Shower Header, Case Study 195 • View

Automated Spray System Helps Frozen Pizza Manufacturer Save Over US$50,000 in One Year, Case Study 196 • View

Power Plant Saves Over US$20,000 Annually on Tank Cleaning Labor, Case Study 197 • View

Electrostatic Spray Coating Cuts Pita Bakery's Oil Use in Half, Saving US$2,700 Monthly, Case Study 198 • View

Bakery Saves US$220,000 per Year by Switching to Regenerative Blower – One Week Payback, Case Study 199 • View

New Nail Line Marking System Eliminates Rework, Saves OSB Manufacturer US$94,500 Annually, Case Study 200 • View

OSB Manufacturer Increases Production by 5% and Improves Quality with Mat Moistening System, Case Study 201 • View

Switch to Regenerative Blower Saves Tube Manufacturer US$100,000 Annually, Case Study 202 • View

OSB Manufacturer Saves US$25,000 per Year by Recycling 500,000 Gallons of Wastewater, Case Study 203 • View

Switching Nozzles Saves Waste-to-Energy Plant US$100,000 per Year, Case Study 204 • View

AutoJet® Spray Control Enables Precision Eggshell Disinfection to Meet Customer’s New Standards, Case Study 205 • View

Candy Manufacturer Cleans Peanut Roaster 16 Times Faster Saving US$30,000 per Year, Case Study 206 • View

Automating Coal Dust Washdown Boosts Safety, Saves Power Plant US$25,000 per Year, Case Study 207 • View

Aluminum Manufacturer Increases Production by 17% by Automating Release Agent Application, Case Study 208 • View

Modular Retaining Wall Manufacturer Cuts Release Agent Use by 75%, Saves More Than US$60,000 per Year, Case Study 209 • View

New Blower System Reduces Moisture Hazards for Deli Meat Packager, Case Study 210 • View

Automotive Company Reduces Daily Oil Usage by 70% with Automated Spray System, Case Study 211 • View

Bakery Eliminates Maintenance Downtime, Saves US$13,000 Monthly with Automated Spray System, Case Study 212 • View

Cable Manufacturer Halves its Chemical Consumption with Automated Spray System, Case Study 213 • View

Auto Manufacturer Reduces Oil Costs by 80%, Saves US$45,000 Annually with Automated Spray System, Case Study 214 • View

Fiber-Cement Siding Manufacturer Reduces Coating Consumption, Saves US$80,000 Annually with Automated Spray System, Case Study 215 • View

Auto Manufacturer Reduces Defects, Saves US$300,000 with Automated Spray System, Case Study 216 • View

Insulated Panel Manufacturer Reduces Product Scrap, Saves US$20,000 with Automated Spray System, Case Study 217 • View

Steel Bar Manufacturer Eliminates Oil Overspray, Saves US$17,500 with Automated Spray System, Case Study 218 • View

New Spray Nozzles Save 2.7 Million Gallons of Water for Beef Processor, Case Study 219 • View

Automated Spray System Saves Manufacturer US$27,000 Annually, Reduces Chemical Use by 50%, Case Study 220 • View

Industrial Tank Cleaning Service Saves US$1,000 with Every Wash, Case Study 221 • View

Bakery Reduces Egg Wash Consumption by 50% with Automated Spray System, Case Study 222 • View

Automotive Valve Supplier Saves US$16,000 in Operating Costs with Air Knife Package, Case Study 223 • View

Ethanol Producer Reduces Wear, Saves US$20,000 with Tank Cleaner, Case Study 224 • View

Windshield Manufacturer Saves US$75,000 with Automated Spray System, Case Study 225 • View

Aluminum Die Caster Increases Revenue by US$480,000 with Air Cannon Package, Case Study 226 • View

New SteamMax Nozzles and Injectors Help Petrochemical Producer Increase Efficiency, Case Study 228 • View

Modeling Helps Refinery Optimize Tank Mixing Operations, Case Study 229 • View

New Spray Nozzles Increase Beef Processor’s Daily Revenue by US$29,000, Case Study 230 • View

Modular Spray System Cuts Egg Wash Use By 75%, Saves Bakery Over US$62,000 Annually, Case Study 231 • View

Installation of Automated Spray System Saves Materials Manufacturer Over US$1.4 Million a Year, Case Study 232 • View

Plastic Bottle Manufacturer Saves US$92,000 a Year with Automated Spray System, Case Study 233 • View

Leading Non-Woven Products Manufacturer Saves Over US$170,000 Annually with Spray System, Case Study 234 • View

Gold Producer Saves Over US$30,000 Annually with New Manual Brush-Type Headers, Case Study 235 • View

Food Packer Saves Over US$130,000 a Year with Automated Spray System, Case Study 236 • View

Industrial Paper Manufacturer Saves US$50,000 Annually with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 237 • View

Automated Spray System Saves Building Products Manufacturer More Than US$35,000 Annually, Case Study 238 • View

Transit Agency Saves More Than US$22,000 Annually with Mobile Unit for Drum Cleaning, Case Study 239 • View

Can Maker Boosts Production by 20% Annually with Heated Wax Spray System, Case Study 240 • View

OSB Manufacturer Saves US$100,000 Annually on Resin with Automated Spray System, Case Study 241 • View

Automated Spray Lubrication System Saves Foam Parts Producer More Than US$30,000 Annually, Case Study 242 • View

Hatchery Saves More Than US$1,300 a Month with On-Site Generation System, Case Study 243 • View

Corn Processor Increases Production by 33%; Cuts Steam Use in Half with New Spray Nozzles, Case Study 244 • View

AMECO Increases Syringe Barrel Production by 67% with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 245 • View

Bakery Slashes Egg Wash Use by 50% with Spray System, Case Study 246 • View

Food Safety Improved and Antimicrobial Use Slashed by 75% with AutoJet® Food Safety System, Case Study 247 • View

AutoJet® Food Safety System Expansion Enables Poultry Processor to Boost Production by 36%, Case Study 248 • View

Bakery Slashes Oil Use and Saves US$28,000 Annually with New Spray System, Case Study 249 • View

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Saves US$36,000 Annually with TankJet® Tank Cleaning Units, Case Study 250 • View

Cannoli Producer Saves US$69,000 Annually with AccuCoat® Spray System, Case Study 251 • View

Commercial Bakery Achieves Clean Labels with AutoJet® Food Safety Spray System, Case Study 252 • View

Seed Company Saves US$100,000 Annually with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 253 • View

Can Manufacturer Increases Revenue by US$4.2 Million Annually with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 254 • View

Steel Processor Eliminates Oil Waste and Saves US$30,000 Annually with New Spray System, Case Study 255 • View

Change in Cleaning Equipment Saves Personal Care Products Company 1.2 Million Gallons of Water and a $1 Million Boiler Investment, Case Study 259 • View

Hercules Drawn Steel Saves US$50,000 in Oil Costs with AutoJet® Precision Spray System, Case Study 260 • View

Facing Plant Shutdown, Chemical Producer Meets Compliance Requirements with FloMax® Nozzles, Case Study 261 • View

Electrostatic Chain Oiler System Eliminates Contamination Concerns on Can Lines, Case Study 263 • View

Manufacturer Saves US$176,000 Annually with AutoJet® Carpet and Flooring Spray System, Case Study 264 • View

Cheese Manufacturer Slashes Mold Inhibitor Use in Half; Saves US$143,000 Annually with AutoJet® Food Safety Spray System, Case Study 265 • View

Peanut Butter Producer Saves More than US$85,000 Per Year with TankJet® Tank Cleaners, Case Study 266 • View

Bakery Solves Safety Issues, Eliminates Compressed Air and Reduces Oil Use by 50%, Case Study 269 • View

Bakery Reduces Oil Use by 58% and Improves Worker Safety with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 271 • View

AutoJet® Spray System Saves Steel Producer more than US$200,000 Annually, Case Study 272 • View

Bakery Eliminates Mist and Reduces Release Agent Use with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 273 • View

How a Food Safety Initiative Ended Up Improving Worker Safety and Reducing Bakery's Environmental Footprint, Case Study 276 • View

Manufacturer Achieves Significant Worker Safety Improvements with Automated Spray System, Case Study 277 • View

Automating Duct Cleaning Reduces Water Use by 65% and Improves Worker Safety, Case Study 278 • View

Waffle Producer Saves US$2.2 Million Annually with AccuCoat® Heated Spray System, Case Study 281 • View

Candy Manufacturer Saves US$25,000 Annually With AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 282 • View

Wire Manufacturer Saves $US83,000 Annually on Chemical with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 283 • View

Paper Mill Focused on Sustainable Operations Saves 31 Million Gallons Annually Through Simple Changes, Case Study 285 • View

PanelSpray® MS System Increases Fiberglass Production, Saves Manufacturer Over US$140,000 Annually, Case Study 286 • View

Changes in Cleaning Operation Results in 50% Reduction in Water Use for Paper Mill, Case Study 287 • View

TankJet® Tank Cleaners Save Cleaning Facility US$42,000 in Maintenance Costs and Reduce Water Consumption by 40%, Case Study 288 • View

Bakery Reduces Scrap by 40% with Automated Spray System, Case Study 290 • View

Snack Food Producer Reduces Water Use by Making One Small Change, Case Study 294 • View

Meat Processor's Sustainability Initiative Yields Big Savings, CS295 • View

Lone Star Dairy Products Saves Millions with SprayDry Nozzles, CS296 • View

Technical Manuals

Optimizing Your Spray System, Technical Manual 410B • View   Request

Change the Way You Spray to Maximize Water Conservation, Technical Manual 415 • View

White Papers

How to Reduce Compressed Air Consumption in Drying and Blow-Off Applications, White Paper 102 • View

How to Pre-empt a Significant Profit Drain: Nozzle Wear, White Paper 106 • View

How To Get Tanks & Totes Cleaner in Less Time & Lower Costs, White Paper 110 • View

Optimizing Spray Performance, White Paper 111 • View

Strategies to Reduce Your Water & Chemical Costs, White Paper 112 • View   Request

Bakeries Utilization of New Spray Technology, White Paper 114 • View

Engineered Wood: Stay Ahead of the Curve in Production Efficiency, Compliance and Profit, White Paper 115 • View

Three Simple Ways to Dramatically Reduce Water Use, WP116 • View

Dramatically Reduce Chemicals, Lubricants & Other Coatings Without Compromising Quality, WP117 • View